The Grichan Whitestone Partnership specialises in Business Consulting, sourcing consultants who are hand-picked from our network of global contacts or our dedicated in-house research function.

We’re known for supplying exceptional Business Consultants, many of whom have already had a stellar executive career in your world or have backgrounds in the UK’s well-known strat houses/big 4 consultants.

Because of our unique delivery model, we’re able to supply these skills at a fraction of the cost of their previous employers. Furthermore, our team have the skills and reach to be able to form teams of consultants. Giving you access to only the skills you need at the time you need them.

A typical consulting project will be account sponsored by a key consultant, who will carry out an initial diagnostic phase (5-25 days), and deliver their findings, along with recommended remedial action. Once consensus is gained, we build a team of consultants with deep subject matter expertise to deliver the project. Typically, this would be led by the key consultant to ensure no loss of knowledge or indeed context.

We offer a flexible engagement model, typical under a Statement of Works (SoW) and will often have success fees as part of the contract, linked to deliverable milestones and objectives.

How can a Business Consultant help you?

A business consultant can be engaged to solve a wide range of issues, but typically we find these to be: 

  • Crisis management and distress
  • Large or vital projects
  • Adoption of new technology or legislation
  • Relocation
  • Post-acquisition integration
  • Leadership development