Complex Outsourcing, whether T/IFM, Hard/Soft, or any of the other Support Services has experienced hardship in recent years, with both Covid-19 and Brexit creating new immediate challenges.  However, there are reasons for optimism within the sector.

Changes to the nature of office work for many organisations will see changes to the way that they operate. Digitised processes offer the sector the opportunity to operate more effectively, those that succeed will grasp the opportunities and adapt business models accordingly.

Firms that are bold and continue to invest in new technologies are likelier to come out of this difficult period in a better position than their more cautious peers.

The remit of Complex Outsourcing is also broadening, which again provides greater opportunity but also places additional pressure on Executives to widen their skill set, including keeping abreast of emerging technologies.

Complex Outsourcing Roles

Typical roles in the Complex Outsourcing sector include:

  • CEO
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Account Director
  • Interim Transformation Consultant
  • Interim Supply Chain Director
  • Interim FD