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Discover the Functions we recruit for at Grichan Whitestone.

The Grichan Whitestone Partnership specialises in Executive Search, Interim Management and Business Consulting with a deep subject matter expertise across a breadth of disciplines, making timely, successful placements across the following functions.


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Board / Leadership

Having the right Board / Leadership team at the helm of your business is crucial to its effective management and long-term success; efficacy of the top of the organisation determines the success and cohesion of each subsequent component part through effective management and communication of strategy, values and vision.

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Business Development

Strategy lies dormant without revenue-building teams that drive profit and enable growth. The best sales and marketing leaders understand how to maximise revenue while working in conjunction with business plans and goals – not just how, but why.

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Commercial leaders translate board room strategy into deliverable outcomes for the business, optimising the performance of services and products and identifying business opportunities whilst doing so.

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Digital & Technology

All sectors and organisations are influenced by technology and increasing digitisation, and this effects each part of them – from operations to customer experience to security. There will be an increasing reliance on or need for AI, big data and cyber security and effective and slick automation to match customer expectation and demand.

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The role of CFO or Finance Director has evolved, from typically ‘behind the scenes’ concerned primarily with protecting bottom lines to a dynamic leader at the forefront of business strategy, increasingly important when budgets are often constrained yet expectations of performance and efficiency are higher.

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Human Resource

Human Resources has shifted in recent years, from a perfunctory back office function to an integral, dynamic part of a business or organisation, bringing people management in closer alignment with business strategy and goals.

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Legal & Compliance

Greater regulatory frameworks and global operations means increased reliance on legal and compliance teams that must navigate complexities and provide knowledge and support to the board and senior leadership teams.

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Operations & General Management

Service level agreement driven operations are crucial to the success of an organisation and is often an area where opportunities exist to increase organisational efficiency and profitability.

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Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement & Supply Chain professionals are facing an increasingly challenging time; with company reliance on the global supply chain alongside the potential effects of Brexit, against a backdrop of global environmental/economic/geo-political/security crises.

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Project & Programme Management

Project & Programme Managers must understand and consistently work towards the bigger picture whilst paying constant attention to the finer details of a project.

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Transformation & Change Management

Transformation & Change Management are essential for keeping an organisation up-to-date and agile; true at any time but especially whilst markets are evolving quickly, such as is being witnessed now.

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A more strategic approach to recruitment.

The key to our approach is how we integrate with and truly understand your business. It means we go further than simply matching individuals to job specs. By understanding your strategic objectives, we provide solutions and tailored candidates to help you achieve them.  All tied into your business ethos, goals, vision and culture.

Honesty, fairness, efficiency and professional integrity underpin all that we do. As a result, our services are highly effective.

Whether you are looking to build teams, fill permanent vacancies or engage an interim executive for a specific time period or project, we help you find the best solution for your specific needs.

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What our clients say

I really like the way Rob works, communicates well, and gives a clear view of opportunities. When working with him I’ve found that he walks the client/interim line very well. I have also found Rob to be very supportive and tenacious on my behalf. One of the good guys!

Interim CEO and Client

I’ve known Robert for many years and have in that time both recruited through him and also taken advice and support from him as an interim exec consultant. In whatever capacity it has been Robert has in-depth and relevant knowledge of his sectors, he does have a dynamic & direct approach to action but mainly he is passionate and driven in what he does. Simply put, I trust Robert to do what he’s says he’s going to do, to have balanced objectives and to have the best interest for all parties at the heart of what he does. I wish Robert all the very best with The Whitestone Partnership and I know I will be doing business with him in the future.

Interim Programme Director and Client

Richard has provided a quality service to me over the last five years. What sets him apart is his speed of response in collating a shortlist of candidates. This ability comes from his extensive market knowledge, and his own personal tenacity and drive to get the right results for his clients. His amenable and flexible approach makes him very easy to work with.

MD and Client

Richard has an excellent understanding of client requirements, he is someone who can be trusted to deliver in a professional, approachable and friendly manner. He also delivers which is key in this type of role.

CEO – Client

Working with Richard on ‘hard to fill’ and critical roles has always been a joy. It’s often about more than the spec itself and his sector knowledge, willingness to challenge thinking and ability to stay close to his client even when the going gets tough has always proven welcome and valuable. This is about commitment to the client and style and I have always found Richard approachable, engaging and easy to do business with. So have candidates, something which is critical in ensuring early positive engagement on sometimes fraught and hugely demanding projects.

Group HRD – and Client
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