Increasingly, there is a global battle for the best talent.

At best, mutual attraction is what we all strive to receive and achieve; but we need to do so much more to even attract the attention of the high achievers we all desire access to. 

Web-based campaigns and emails only scratch the surface of the talent available, and the top candidates are busy being successful. 

Access to them needs to be direct, polished, content rich and personable. 

As an Executive SearchInterim Management and Business Consulting practice, that is what The Grichan Whitestone Partnership delivers.

To reach us, please complete the enquiry form or contact one of the Partners directly.


If you’ve looked through our website and you fall into one of the roles, functions, or sectors we work in, why not get in-touch?

We predominantly work on retained, ‘hard-to-fill’ assignments, so if you’re looking for something challenging, we may be able to help.

Whilst we certainly can’t promise to secure you a new role, we can guarantee you timely communication and no false promises about what we may achieve.

Experienced Interim Managers, becoming part of our community will not only give you an additional route to market for you, but also the advice and support of our team.

For aspiring Interim Managers, becoming one can be a daunting process, with many pitfalls, but it can be an exciting and fulfilling career move. Our team can support you on this journey with input into some of the basics such as how to market yourself, how to write an interim centric CV and case study development.

To reach us, please complete the enquiry form or contact one of the Partners directly.

Richard Hewitt
Managing Partner
Executive Search

Email: rhewitt@grichanwhitestone.com
Landline: 01905 896 700
Mobile: 07713 999 325

Robert Smith
Managing Partner
Interim Management &
Business Consulting

Email: rsmith@grichanwhitestone.com
Landline: 0113 512 1500
Mobile: 07341 558 262