Our Services and processes were designed from the ground up, to offer a best-practice approach for both clients and candidates. Our team of skilled and passionate recruiters pride themselves on finding quality solutions, quickly and professionally.

Candidates regularly turn into customers through experiencing our differentiated service and this leads to most of our new business being either repeat or through a warm positive introduction between executives.

The Grichan Whitestone Partnership points of difference.

  • Client Engagement – to make sure you’re always up to date with your recruitment needs, we have a defined client interaction process and provide timely, accessible weekly updates.
  • Candidate support – we create an environment for candidates where they feel welcome and supported. Treating each with respect and fairness from start to finish. Equity for all candidates, in an environment that they feel they belong within, is key to gaining access to passive candidates for our customers.
  • Quality processes – honed and refined over years to deliver tangible, timely, quality, results.
  • In-built candidate assessment – We innovate through use of psychometric assessment tools and our expert in-house research team to interrogate the role and then through careful assessment, provide a tailored shortlist, taking into consideration whether an individual’s ‘nature’ or ‘approach’ will be a good match for the organisation and the role.
  • Timely outcomes – we get the right people in the right roles quickly. On average we regularly supply accepted shortlists, on average, within 3-5 weeks.

Building Partnerships – Inclusiveness and teamwork

Good results happen when all parties are involved and engaged. And the key to that is clear lines of communication between all stakeholders.

At Grichan Whitestone, we take care to ensure the end goal and the steps to it, are signposted, agreed upon, and communicated with all involved.

By following these four core tenets, is why we retain customers and candidates.

Strategy – knowing what our clients ‘the mission’ is, whether that be organic growth, profit maximisation, cost-control, acquisition, or a combination of them all, is vital. The key to our success is being able to understand what candidates will be working to and to be in a position to fully appraise busy passive candidates as to what opportunities exist within our customer’s business.

Culture – we take time to understand what the approach to ‘people’ is within our client’s business. Assessing things such as the approach to agile working, management structures and communication methods allow us to get the candidate fit just right.

Communication – this is key to us, we take responsibility for making sure what we provide is understood and needed. The professional service we provide has customers seemingly personally invested in the outcomes and being mindful of this we are nearly ‘always’ available to discuss any aspect of our work.

Information – we deliver the right content, both quantity, and quality, at the right time and through the right channel.  Getting these details right, make for a smooth successful hire, and alleviates any level of misunderstanding.