We believe successful hires, where candidates thrive over several years, achieve targets, develop strategy and elevate their employers’ businesses to higher levels, are the product of careful assessment.

Grichan Whitestone Partnership will work with you to source talent from the widest possible pool. Supported by open-source intelligence tools and psychometric testing to locate and objectively filter candidates.

Our highly professional and fair approach helps support the advancement of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace. We are proud to work together with our clients to achieve greater depth of representation for all among boards and senior management teams.

A process with a purpose

Over the years we have honed an auditable process that delivers successful hires in a timely fashion. In fact, 97% of our accepted shortlists result in a successful hire.

By breaking down search activities into measurable stages and utilising our team-shared cloud-based CRM, we deliver great results, quickly and efficiently. Each search has a weekly quality gate, and report from that gate to keep us on track to deliver the right results.

Our philosophy:

  • Authenticity – an honest approach to people, business, process & systems
  • Good moral compass – always working towards mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Communication standards – timely, agile by design, protecting the business at all times


  • Meticulous research/CRM AI candidate curation (within GDPR)
  • Repeatable process, task-driven, quality gates, updates

Recent successes:

  • Managing Director of a £650m >25k head blue-collar complex outsourcing business.
  • COO of a global organisation providing complex medical services in extremely austere environments.
  • Managing Director of a £1bn complex outsourcing business within the UK Defence Estate
  • Sales Director for a UK Government Services FM provider