GWP and CCS – A year on.

The Grichan Whitestone Partnership embarked on a journey just over a year ago, earning a coveted place within the Crown Commercial Services Executive Search framework, alongside a small and select group of existing suppliers. The path leading to this achievement was arduous, subjecting our business to rigorous tests but it was a quest to become one of the elite suppliers, entrusted with the some of the most senior Public Sector roles.

Prior to this milestone, we were already specialists serving many of the largest complex outsource businesses. Now, we’ve harnessed our wealth of expertise, network, and industry insight and turned it towards collaborating with Central Government departments.

Interestingly, our immersion into Central Government has not only broadened our knowledge but has also enriched our team’s understanding when searching for individuals for our private sector customer base. These individuals subsequently assume leadership roles within supplier business units, managing contracts and working in tandem with the very Government departments we now serve as clients.

Conversely, our years of private sector experience enable us to offer tangible benefits to Government departments. As they increasingly recruit talent from industry to lead their departments and major initiatives, we are uniquely positioned to assist.

This virtuous circle of need and delivery is a rarity, and we proudly stand at the heart of it.

For businesses serving the Government, we possess invaluable insights into your customer’s strategic direction. We can collaborate with you to discover a leader who not only meets but maximises the desired outcomes for both you and your customer.

If you represent a Government department seeking to secure the services of a leader capable of collaborating with the private sector to optimise outcomes for taxpayers, rest assured that we know what excellence looks like. We are committed to working alongside you to secure the best leader for your department.