The then Chair of The Grichan Partnership, Martin Gammon (ex-CEO OCS UK), was ruminating with Richard on how as a prior user of Executive Search and Interim Management services he would have benefitted from having access to a firm, a service, that was joined up and could answer both questions as a single service.

In the Covid-19 year of 2020, Richard and Rob were introduced to each other by Martin and the Genesis of The Grichan Whitestone Partnership was seen.
It became apparent to Richard and Rob that they shared the same vision for a business of this nature and more importantly they shared a common set of values, a good moral compass and excellent communication standards in all situations, whether the message was positive or not, which would be central to how they operated as individuals and in leading a new business.

The conjoined business, The Grichan Whitestone Partnership, sets out to partner with its Employees, its Candidates, and its customers, in a way that enables them all to feel of the greatest value within a positive environment that enjoys diversity of thought and personnel make-up, with a focus on inclusive action, communication, and indeed outputs.